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Your marketing and communications department 

JH Communications is tasked with stepping directly into the role as a client’s marketing director and department with the goal of making a seamless transition. Our strategy includes the implementation of public relations activities in conjunction with advertising initiatives. The aim is to disseminate the same primary message through traditional public relations, advertising and new media to maximize exposure for our clients. For example, we will suggest a television, radio, print, or direct mail campaign for your business. Next, we will also design and produce all advertisements and investigate suitable stations and publications for optimum placement. Finally, we will place your business’ message in the media. As an organization’s full-service marketing department, we provide in-house graphic design and communications support. We develop brands, design brochures, folders and marketing literature, and write and distribute news releases and web content.

Upon determination of our clients’ messages, we coordinate the placement of media buying with public relations. JH Communications evaluates and recommends new media strategies. As well as traditional advertising and public relations. This includes the development of website landing pages for interactive marketing and search engine optimization as well as the integration of video within client websites and as part of email marketing communications. JH Communications oversees all creative aspects of integrated marketing campaigns, from script development, print and web ad design, television and radio production, to media placement.

JH Communications takes a hands-on approach toward supporting its clients’ marketing activities. Our constant communication between the agency and our clients assures timely implementation of projects. This guarantees that marketing and public relations needs are at the forefront.

Our commitment to excellence is found within our clients’ campaigns. We believe in strong creativity to drive home the message. Capturing the imagination of potential customers and drawing them in while promoting their brands.

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