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401.831.6123 19 Bassett St. Suite 220 | Providence, RI 02903

Helping every business apply video to dynamically communicate its message

JH Communications has produced hundreds of broadcast television ads, web videos and radio spots. Our philosophy entails producing advertisements at a reasonable price so that the majority of a marketing budget is utilized to effectively reach visitors on television and on the Internet.

JH Communications’ in-house video production services include professional script writing, high-definition video taping, video editing and voice-over production. We apply the newest graphic techniques with traditional videography to develop customized television ads and Web videos. We have utilized different creative techniques, including interview style formats, and client testimonials to help our clients communicate their messages.

Our Web videos support our ad campaigns, providing more information beyond the confines of the 30 or 60-second television format. Understanding that video is essential to a dynamic website in terms of both search engine optimization and visitor experience. We encourage development of featured videos that tells the client’s story wrapped in news value, thereby increasing the opportunity for wide Internet play.

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