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Mark Correia named Preventure CEO, Employees Promoted

Coventry, RI – Jan. 18, 2012

Preventure, a global provider of corporate wellness programs, announced that current Chief Operating Officer Mark Correia, who has overseen the company’s strategic direction for the past 10 years, will take the helm as chief executive officer. Previous CEO and founder, David Pickering, will serve as chairman of Preventure, continuing to lend his nearly 30 years of health management, wellness, and fitness industry experience to the company.

Preventure’s new executive management team also includes Kathy O’Neel-Webster, former vice president of operations, who has been promoted to chief operating officer, and Laura Walmsley, former vice president of new business development, who will become chief business development officer.

As chief operating officer, Correia managed the development and execution of the company’s long and short-term strategy and mission and oversaw the execution of client services and strategic partner relationships. In addition, he lends his experience from a 20-year career with Healthtrax International Inc., a leading provider of fitness, wellness and work-site health care services. As the sr. vice president of business health services with Healthtrax, he was responsible for developing and executing the strategic business initiatives for the Work-Fit and Employee Wellness Divisions.

“Helping to build Preventure into one of the global leaders in corporate wellness programs has only been surpassed by seeing my good friend and business partner, Mark, take over as CEO and Kathy and Laura become executives with the company. It’s one thing to start a company, but when you can see your colleagues rise up to take charge, it provides an even greater reward and appreciation,” said David Pickering.

About Preventure

Preventure is a global provider of corporate wellness and health improvement programs specializing in comprehensive fitness and wellness benefits designed to improve health and productivity and decrease health care costs. Preventure helps corporations and health insurers understand, predict and control health risks and related costs. For more information contact Laura Walmsley at 1.888.321.4326 or Visit Preventure online at


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