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RI Mortgage Bankers Association Helping Rhode Islanders Get Back to Work with CCRI Partnership

The Rhode Island Mortgage Bankers Association (RIMBA) is helping Rhode Islanders get back to work through a new partnership with CCRI and the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training.

Last fall, after Rhode Island’s economy shed thousands of jobs, RIMBA launched a mortgage processing course to give students a foundational understanding of loan production, underwriting, secondary marketing, warehousing, and servicing. The course is training the next generation of mortgage operations personnel to meet local industry demand.

Through the course, workers who lost their jobs are finding hope in a new career path.

As one of the students, Lauren Hanson shared her experience: “It just opened up an entire new world. It did really lift me up to give me hope for a future career and for something solid and stable.”

Some students previously worked in the restaurant, hospitality, or travel industries, which have been decimated by the pandemic. One student was Erica Hanley, a former business development representative for a travel operator who was laid off after the pandemic shut down domestic and international travel. “This program has made me realize that I can do a lot more,” Hanley told us after completing the course.

It is the intent of RIMBA to connect workers who are looking for new opportunities to an industry that needs them. Students who complete the mortgage processing course at CCRI will be ready to take the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) test, which would allow them to become licensed loan originators upon passage of the exam. A number of RIMBA members have also made a commitment to hiring qualified graduates who have completed the program.

“Together with CCRI, RIMBA is proud to be doing our part to put our State back on the road to recovery,” added Al Grant, president of RIMBA.

To view the video testimonials as well as a human interest story, please visit the link here.

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