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Your Turn to be the Star

For those of you who have survived this pandemic, recessions, and numerous setbacks, you already have proven you can accomplish so much. People need to hear your story, and the same thing applies to what I tell new doctors when I interview them on camera: “You have this. This is nothing like what you went through to get to this point.”

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The same is true for you. After all you’ve been through, all you’ve accomplished against great odds, I know that you can do a live video segment. The rewards far outweigh the minimum stress this involves. So hear me out about why you want to start your own live video series.

Who would actually want to watch you do a live video segment? It’s important to put this right up front. You may be surprised, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. The true value is the 15 to 30-minutes of edited content that looks no different from any professional television package. Your segment will have multiple camera angles, cutaways to shots of you in the office that were filmed ahead of time, and most importantly, valuable content tailored towards your audience. 

The true value is the new content you can edit and distribute. Once you have your content, you then can go back and edit your longer form video down to 1-minute or even 15-second clips you can use on social media. Your investment in an hour of your time — prep time, set-up and actual shooting – could result in 3-months of video content you communicate with your clients and followers. Now you can spend your extra time putting out more content every month with a new live segment.

Live video is easy to do and watch. All of the major video sharing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo all make placing live video segments online easily accessible. You would promote your live segment on all your social media channels, and you can send out an email to all your contacts with a link to the show. After the segment airs, you can post the full length episode in its entirety on your social networks. Your live segment is saved for future viewership, and what better way to build up an archive of relevant content on your website than through these taped segments.

You would be surprised who may want to appear with you. The novelty of the live segments will certainly peak some interest. Many of your own staff will welcome the opportunity to tell their own stories and highlight their value to your organization on camera. It’s also a great opportunity to interview key clients highlighting their impact, or those community leaders making a difference every day. You can use these segments to tell your organization’s history, explain its value and missions, or show what it’s like to work in your organization by interviewing your own staff.

It’s time to turn the spotlight on you. It’s more difficult to get in front of prospects these days so why not bring your content right to them. Today, it does not take a large investment in your time or marketing budget to develop your own series and take it right to the people. The most important thing you need is the will. And we’ll do the rest, providing the set, cameras, live editing, placement, and distribution. Equally important, we will show you how you already have the content. It’s just a matter of getting it out of your head and on to people’s screens. It’s time to make you shine.

John Houle is the president of JH Communications, LLC and Main St. Media and can be reached at 401.831.6123 and at

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