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Now that you’re in the office how are you communicating your message?

Marketing Today in a Post-Pandemic World.

More of us are working from our offices again and also enjoying restaurants and more activities. While our world has no doubt changed, the pandemic also has transformed marketing. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for your marketing in this new environment:

5. Video conferencing does not go away.

I have Zoom fatigue too, but I also recognize what an invaluable tool it can be. I have returned to in-person meetings, but I recognize the efficiency of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. Regular client check-ins, illustrating a new strategy, and showing a new collateral piece are some of the ways I will continue to use Zoom.

4. Conferences and meetings will include a hybrid component.

Many of us have endured those hour-long video conferences, and some of the better ones include recorded and live videos. In fact, I was able to hear from a nationally renowned CEO who probably would not have attended a local conference in person. Allowing attendees to network and share ideas, while also enabling speakers from around the country to appear, the merger of technology and live meetings should enhance the overall experience and increase live and remote attendance.

3. DIY videos are not only acceptable, they are effective.

With a minor investment in equipment for your smartphone, or by utilizing the record feature on your video conferencing platform, you can make your own professional videos to send to clients. How about an update on new policies and procedures, or explain how your new product line works? You can also use video as a prospecting tool, introducing yourself to prospective clients by providing that introductory information about yourself and why they should be talking to you.

2. Professional videos are the next step up. 

Now that you can welcome videographers back into your world, you should take advantage of their time and overshoot footage. When you record new footage for any commercial, ask your videographer to spend an extra 15-minutes to an hour to develop some interview questions. Have someone ask you a few questions that you are an authority on, and speak comfortably and naturally about the topics. When your commercials are being edited, ask that your additional footage be developed with your current logo and graphics to make informative short web and social media videos.

1. The need for clear communication is always essential.

Concise and direct never goes out of fashion. Whether you decide to do your own videos, marketing pieces, print or digital ads, remember to have a strong headline and clear and direct language. Simply put, most small businesses do not have the huge creative budgets to entertain their future customers, and to break through the clutter of all the advertising, just speak the truth.

John Houle is the president of JH Communications and can be reached at 401.831.6123 or at

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